Classically trained Piano & Trumpet

Self taught Chromatic Harmonica

Musical Director / Composer / Arranger for Theatre, TV Productions, Big Bands.

My film making skills are entirely self taught.

Although all of my video productions have been my own creations, I will consider producing videos with other artists

I prefer to refer to my works as musical dramas instead of music videos.

I like to work with a story, a plot rather then a bunch of guys posing in front of a camera with their instruments.

My ‘musical dramas’ have achieved over 100 category award wins from dozens of International film Festivals.

If you’d like to create something more original, you have a song, lyrics that make up a story.

Message me to discuss your idea.

"I work with many inspiring musicians,
they make me play better!"

"Usually on a mission!"

“Of course I have my influencers, they must show in what I do but I admire those that cut their own groove.
That is a quality worth immitating!”

Graham Pike : keyboards